JJ Starc Jewelery is all handmade, no mass produced pieces. We may reproduce a piece if it is requested. We also will make pieces if requested for special occasions, color, length, etc. Special pieces require extra time to produce but they will be completed in a timely manner, just give us a little extra notice.

We are located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where a lot of our inspiration comes from. When you are surrounded by beauty it is easy to get inspired. We often forget to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us but once you do it can be awe inspiring.

I started JJ Starc Jewelery to take my mind off varying medical issues and my mom made jewelery. I was always amazed at some of the pieces she would come up with. I found that I too could create beautiful pieces. If we keep our mind active it doesn’t have time for clutter.

Browse our selections and pick a piece that inspires you too. There is nothing that makes your day like feeling beautiful and inspired.